Our Approach Towards COVID-19 Papers

Considering the importance of disseminating the most recent knowledge on COVID-19 during this ongoing pandemic, Frontiers in Dentistry is providing free fast track of all manuscripts related to the disease. Decisions on such papers shall be provided within a maximum of three weeks. 
We invite authors in different fields of Dentistry to submit their COVID-19-related manuscripts to this journal accompanied by a brief statement in their Cover Letter, explaining the importance of the study and what it would add to the existing literature. 
We also request that all colleagues who feel they can provide a timely review (maximum 2 weeks) on such papers, contact the journal at: jd_drc@tums.ac.ir and declare their availability. For each review completed within this timeframe Frontiers in Dentistry is offering a 20% discount on the next paper accepted by the reviewer, up until January 1st, 2022. Please note that points are collectable and a review of 5 papers by the same reviewer would result in a free article published in the journal, if accepted through peer review.
Mohammad-Sadegh Ahmad-Akhoundi, DDS, MSc.