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A Simplified Method for the Restoration of Severely Decayed Primary Incisors


Objectives: Caries and dental trauma are common reasons for primary anterior teeth restorations in children. This non-control clinical trial was designed to eva- luate crown restorations reinforced with a sectioned file post for the restoration of severely damaged primary maxillary incisors.

Materials and Methods: Thirty-eight primary maxillary incisors of 12 children (3-5 years old) with early childhood caries (ECC) received composite restorations with a custom made post. The restorations were evaluated using the modified United State Public Health Service (USPHS) criteria. The results were statistically analyzed by descriptive –analytical tests.

Results: In this trial, the quality of marginal adaptation decreased after three and 12 months intervals. Recurrent carious lesions were observed during intervals. In terms of restoration retention, only one patient lost both the post and the restora- tion at the 12-month follow up.

Conclusion: The sectioned file post technique showed good retention and aesthet- ics for restoring severely damaged primary maxillary anterior teeth.

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