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Effect of an Educational Pamphlet on Knowledge and Performance of Fitness Trainers about Traumatic Dental Injuries


Objectives: Traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) commonly occur in sport clubs. The knowledge and performance of fitness trainers play an important role in management of such injuries. This study sought to assess the effect of an educational pamphlet on knowledge level and performance of fitness trainers about TDIs in Tehran in 2018.
Materials and Methods: In this interventional study, a pamphlet was designed to enhance the knowledge level of fitness trainers. Ninety-five fitness trainers were randomly divided into two groups of intervention and control (n=49 in the control group and n=46 in the interventional group), and were requested to fill out a valid and reliable researcher-designed questionnaire about TDIs before and 1 month after pamphlet distribution. The questionnaire consisted of three domains of demographic information, knowledge questions, and performance questions. The results were analyzed using SPSS 25 via the Chi-square test and repeated measures ANOVA considering the intervention as the between-subject factor.
Results: The knowledge score of fitness trainers about TDIs was not adequately high in the intervention or the control group before the intervention. After the intervention, the performance of participants improved in both groups. This increase was significantly greater in the intervention group (P=0.035). There was no significant difference between the two groups in the knowledge domain (P=0.185).
Conclusion: Educational pamphlets can effectively enhance the knowledge level of fitness trainers about TDIs. However, the magnitude of this effect was not significant in our study. Future studies are recommended to compare the efficacy of educational pamphlets with other educational tools.

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