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Use of GaAlAs Diode Laser for Excisional Biopsy of Gingival Giant Cell Fibroma: A Case Report of a Rare Lesion


Giant cell fibroma (GCF) is a relatively rare lesion in the oral cavity. Despite having unique microscopic features, it can be easily misdiagnosed clinically as any common hyperplastic lesion. This report presents a case of a 21-year old male with a lesion involving the papilla between the mandibular central incisors. The lesion was excised completely under topical anesthesia using a 980 nm diode laser. On histopathological examination of the excised tissue, no thermal damage or any other alteration was observed, while the features were suggestive of GCF. Healing of the gingiva was uneventful and without any signs of recurrence. Apart from the widely known advantages of the diode laser, it also appears to maintain the integrity of biopsy specimens, if used with appropriate settings. This advantage may play a vital role in the biopsy of rare lesions where the diagnosis is entirely based on accurate histopathological examination.

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