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Frequency and Severity of Second Molar External Root Resorption Due to the Adjacent Third Molar and Related Factors: A Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Study


Objective: This study sought to assess the frequency and severity of second molar external root resorption (ERR) due to the adjacent third molar and its correlation with the position of third molar and other related factors using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).
Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional study evaluated 320 second molars and their adjacent impacted third molars on CBCT scans of patients over 16 years, retrieved from the archives of Azad University Radiology Department. Presence/absence of second molar ERR, its location and severity (if present), and position of adjacent third molar were determined on CBCT scans, and recorded in a checklist. Data were analyzed using a logistic regression model.
Results: The frequency of second molar ERR was 33.4% in the mandible and 14% in the maxilla. The severity of ERR was significantly correlated with the involved jaw (P=0.001) but had no correlation with age, gender, or depth of impaction of adjacent third molar (P>0.05). The mesioangular and horizontal positions of impacted third molars had a significant correlation with the frequency of second molar ERR (P<0.006).
Conclusion: According to the results of this study, ERR occurring in second molars adjacent to third molars is common, especially in the mandible. Mesially inclined third molars have a greater potential of being associated with ERR in second molars.


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Cone-Beam Computed Tomography; Root Resorption; Molar Third; Tooth Impacted

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