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Laser Assisted Surgical and Orthodontic Treatment of a Dilacerated Impacted Maxillary Incisor: A Case Report


Impaction of the anterior teeth, which is less frequent in central incisors, can cause serious esthetic and subsequent psychological problems for patients during the mixed dentition period. Traumatic injury to deciduous teeth is the most common etiologic factor. Thus, treatment of maxillary incisor impaction is highly important. Nowadays, application of laser has been suggested in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry for different treatments, such as surgical exposure of impacted teeth and application of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for acceleration of orthodontic tooth movement. In this paper, the authors present treatment of an impacted and dilacerated maxillary central incisor with laser application for its surgical exposure and LLLT for acceleration of its orthodontic traction and eruption.

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