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Effect of Sucrosomial® Iron and Iron Drop Diluted with Natural Fruit Juice on Microhardness of Primary Enamel


Objectives: Considering the high prevalence of consumption of iron drops, and the resultant reduction in microhardness of primary enamel, this in vitro study aimed to assess the effects of Sucrosomial® iron and iron drop diluted with natural fruit juice on microhardness of primary enamel. 

Materials and Methods: This in vitro, experimental study evaluated 45 extracted sound primary anterior teeth, that were randomly assigned to three groups (n=15) of Sideral, Irofant, and Irofant + natural apple juice. The titratable acidity and pH of solutions were measured. After measuring the baseline microhardness by a Vickers hardness tester, the teeth in the three groups were exposed to the respective iron drop solutions at 37°C for 5 minutes. They were then rinsed with distilled water, and their secondary microhardness was measured. Data were analyzed using the dependent Student t-test, ANOVA, and ANCOVA (alpha=0.05).

Results: Irofant had the lowest pH and the highest titratable acidity among the tested solutions. A reduction in enamel microhardness occurred in all groups after exposure to iron drops (P=0.0001). The reduction in microhardness was significantly greater in Irofant group compared with Irofant + natural apple juice (P=0.0001). Also, the reduction in microhardness was significantly greater in Irofant + natural apple juice compared with Sideral iron drop group (P=0.0001).

Conclusion: Sideral iron drop with Sucrosomial iron has minimal adverse effect on microhardness of primary enamel. Also, dilution of iron drops with natural apple juice can be suggested as an effective strategy to decrease their adverse effects on microhardness of primary enamel.

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Hardness; Dental Enamel; Tooth Deciduous; Sucrosomial Iron

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