Case Report

Diagnosis and Treatment of an Incomplete Crown-Root Fracture with Intentional Replantation: A Case Report

A case report


Acute traumatic injuries to the maxillary incisors may lead to a crown-root fracture. If the fracture is left untreated, the fracture line will propagate and extend apically, resulting in microbial contamination of the attachment apparatus and subsequent bone loss. In cases with extensive periodontal involvement, extraction has been suggested. However, bonding and sealing the fracture line with a biocompatible material seems to be an effective alternative treatment option. In this case report, management of a central incisor with an incomplete crown-root fracture that showed signs and symptoms of vertical root fracture is discussed. As the extension of the fracture line was not clear, intentional replantation and sealing the fracture line with a glass ionomer was performed. The tooth showed no signs and symptoms at six-month follow up, and the radiographic examination exhibited substantial bone repair.

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